Years ago, on an idyllic summer day I lay in the grass in a small field by my home. I was about 10 years old. There were no video games or computers. Life was very uncomplicated and consisted of simple pleasures and time spent with friends outdoors. Memories of that summer day resting in the cool grass watching the clouds drift by with friends at my side are one of those special places I go for comfort when skies are grey. We looked for shapes and asked each other what we saw. A simple game that made us laugh yet taught us that we all have a unique way of looking at things. What one saw as a smiling face another saw as a monster. I remember thinking that this was a game I could play all my life. That those clouds would always be there wherever I went in the world. And that I would always want to be in the company of good friends wanting to know what they saw in those clouds. I often wonder where those friends are now. What they are doing. If they are still looking at the clouds, what they see now and if they still remember those wonderful summer days.












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